Due to limited capacity, we’re keeping the maximum group size per table to no more than 8 people as directed by Yolo County. In order to host larger groups (30 people max) we will have to evenly split up parties to ensure a safe and healthy environment for guests and staff alike. We will ask all guests to remain at their respective table for the duration of their visit to discourage mingling. Before arriving, please review the visitation policies. Thank you for your patience and understanding!




$15 per person / choice of pizza / includes house seasonal salad (v)


  • Margherita (v) – tomato sauce, fresh buffalo mozzarella, farm basil, farm heirloom tomatoes, finished with olive oil & pecorino cheese
  • Dude Ya – tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, n’duja & italian sausage, finished with pecorino & organo
  • Pepperoni – milan pepperoni, tomato sauce & mozzarella
  • The Garden (v) – seasonal veggies, mozzarella, and sauce
  • The Range – housemade sweet italian sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, black olives, fresh chopped tomatoes & fresh basil, topped with arugula
  • Garlic Chicken – beer can chicken, garlic, mushrooms, basil pesto & mozzarella cheese
  • Elote (v) – Garlic sauce, fresh corn, and mozzarella cheese, topped w fresh cilantro, cotija, and citrus smoked red pepper flake
  • EB – jalapenos, pineapple, porchetta, mozzarella and tomato sauce

*One pizza per every 3 guests = 2 slices per person

– Substitute with Daiya cheese at $4 per pizza


Tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, radish with ranch, blue cheese, and lemon vinaigrette



$20 per person (pick 9 to mix and match / add on price $8 per person for 3 options to any menu)

  • Baba Ganoush (v) – Mediterranean dip made with fresh ginger, garlic, smoked eggplant, tahini and fresh greek yogurt. Served with warm flatbread
  • Wings with Buffalo sauce and Ranch
  • Olives (vegan) – Mediterranean mix
  • Sliced Crudites (v)- seasonal cut vegetables with ranch or blue cheese dressing
  • Cheese Plate (v) – seasonal fruits with an assortment of cheeses
  • Salami Plate – Sliced salumi w pickles and crostini
  • Marinated Mushrooms (v)- crimini mushrooms in a light olive oil and herb marinade
  • Flatbread Pizza – seasonal and made in house
  • Pretzels & Pub Cheese (v)- Esther’s pretzel knots w homemade pub cheese
  • Pearl Pasta w Sun Dried Tomatoes and corn



$21 per person (additional protein +$2/person)


  • Marinated Sliced Steak – marinated in soy garlic lime sauce and grilled
  • Pomegranate Chicken – half chickens roasted in our wood fired oven and basted with a savory pomegranate rosemary sauce
  • Pork Ribs – falling off the bone tender, with our house special rub and a side of BBQ sauce for dipping


  • Elote Salad – off the cob kernels with lime juice, garlic aioli and cotija cheese
  • Potato Salad – roasted potatoes, pickles, celery, in a creamy tangy dressing topped with fresh herbs and housemade bacon crumble
  • Seasonal Salad – lettuce mix, tomatoes, cucumbers, radish, and other seasonal vegetables with your choice of dressing
  • Tangy Apple Jalapeno Slaw
  • Tomato & Cucumber Chopped Salad – roma tomatoes, english cucumbers & red onions tossed in a light red wine vinaigrette & topped with pecorino cheese
  • Tahini Dip & Flatbread
  • Pearl Pasta Salad w sun dried tomatoes and corn

*Comes with Garlic Knots
(additional sides +$2/person/side)


  • Bucket O’Beer for $80 – six 32oz crowlers per bucket – Mix & Match Core Beer Only, subject to availability
  • Basket of Booze – four 8oz bottles from our draft selection and subject to availability – $70 for 8 servings from current available batch selections
  • Mix & Match Core Beer – 8 bottles or cans per bucket – $25 per bucket – No Barrel aged options
  • Mix & Match Wine/Cider – 8 cans per bucket – $95 per bucket – no limit on mixing


  • Cupcakes – $6 per person
  • Cake – $4 per person
  • Smores Kit – $4 per person (with a fire pit rental)

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