Drake’s community starts with the passion of the folks here at the brewery. The staff is made up of experienced craft brewers, a sales team, a marketing crew, and tap room staff all with a central love for brewing and sharing amazing craft beer.

"The best breweries make great beer and great community. What’s better than good beer and good people?”

- Collin McDonnell, 
Former Drake's Brewer

Brew Team

  • Extracurricular fermentationalist and all round bad-ass brewer. Industry Treasure.

    John Gillooly

  • Kicks ass in the brewhouse, figuratively and literally.

    DeVonne Buckingham

    Production Manager
  • Keeps things running from the silo to the brite tank… and manages to snag second breakfast too.

    Chris Dunstan

    Engineering Manager
  • Barrel keeper. Filter master. Firkin maestro. Brewhouse denizen.

    Travis Camacho

    Barrel Program Manager
  • He is cooler than you.

    Hal McConnellogue

    Cellar Manager
  • “Where science goes to die.” 

    -Gandalf, Head Wizard

    Michael Burgess

    Lab Manager
  • Our Cleveland Connection. Proud Cavaliers fan and begrudging Browns fan.

    Emily Smith

    Lead Brewer
  • Sour-sippin’ TEXAN

    Gwen Thompson

  • Chris Jacobs

  • Laurel Schenck

  • Miguel Ceja

  • Makes weird beer.

    Zack Bassett

    Specialty Beers and Barrel Aging
  • Ashley Hockersmith

    Production Assistant
  • Whatcha thinkin’ about Vandy?

    “Oh, you know… just beer stuffs.”

    Chris “Vandy” Vanderpool

    Raw Materials Handler
  • Road Warrior

    Arnold Valerio

    Raw Materials Production Assistant
  • Brut “Pitch-ee-ki-yay” Willis

    Justin Carter

  • Jeremy McBrian

    Keg Washer
  • I’m wanted in multiple states, and in the witness protection program.

    Cassandra Siegfried

    Lab Assistant
  • If lost, please return to the brewery.

    Actually, leave him where you found him.

    Zachary Stout

    QA Packaging Technician
  • If its broken, he will fix it

    John Wonder

    Maintenance Manager
  • Roberto Hurtado

    Facilities Maintenance
  • Sings lullabies to the bottling line. Makes packaging miracles into realities.

    Dwight Peterson

    Packaging Manager
  • Ben White

    Packaging Associate
  • Seen here in his natural habitat.

    Gilbert Ferreyra Mata

    Packaging Associate
  • Carson O’Connor

    Packaging Associate
  • Justin Bierig

    Packaging Associate
  • placeholder logo image

    Rickey Griffin

    Packaging Associate
  • placeholder logo image

    Marcus Flores

    Packaging Associate


  • Gittins’ it done.

    John Gittins

    Vice President of Sales & Marketing
  • Jim Crudo

    Sales Director
  • Movin’ us up the beer chain.

    Scott Nelson

    National Accounts Manager
  • placeholder logo image

    Robert Yackley

    Business Development Director
  • Hopped down from the Northwest

    Adam Kirkorian

    Can Czar
  • Englishman in L.A.

    Chris Elmes

    Sales Operation Manager
  • Drink Drake’s, Fear Drake’s

    Brittany Devencenzi

    Market Manager: San Jose
  • Flies from Tahoe to Sac to Chico and back. Doesn’t break a sweat.

    Eben Weisberg

    Market Manager:
    NorCal and Reno
  • Zach Avila

    Market Manager: Central Valley
  • Julian Orozco

    Market Manager: South East Bay
  • If you want to talk, see a therapist. If you want to talk beer, see Max.

    Max Pachuta

    District Manager:
    San Francisco
  • Bryan Wheatley

    Market Manager: North Bay
  • Mike O’Brian

    Sales Representative: Norcal/Reno/Truckee
  • Joe Frankel

    District Manager: East Bay
  • Booze, BBQ, and Bouffants

    Alex Lai

    Sales Representative: San Francisco

Marketing & Events

  • Brian Stechschulte

    Marketing Director
  • Goddess of Power Tools

    Amanda Cowles

    Brand Experience Director
  • They call her “Burp-skens,” go ahead and ask her why…

    Carrie Beurskens

    Project Manager
  • Chelsea Holifield

    Digital Content Manager
  • Human Swiss Army Knife. Actually carries a Leatherman.

    Eric Ortega

    Tour & Education Program Manager
  • “Beer Me”

    Lauren Young

    Lead Events Coordinator
  • Just a girl, looking at a beer, asking to drink it.

    Danielle Click

    Merchandise Coordinator
  • Future Founder of The Cult of Martha Stewart

    Kira Gillooly

    Merchandise Coordinator
  • Constance Del Rio

    Tour Guide + Beer Ambassador

Barrel House

  • “I’m from Iowa, I just work in outer space.”


    [Note: not actually a dog]

    Kurt Caudle

    Barrel House General Manager
  • Has three good jokes and at least a dozen bad ones.

    Antonio Sullivan-Sariñana

    Tap Room Manager
  • I came here to pet doggies and lift heavy objects…

    And I’m all out of doggies.

    Jason Doyle

    Barrel House Crew
  • There better be cats.

    Alex Iniguez

    Barrel House Crew
  • Backin’ the bar.

    Bryan Madeira

    Barrel House Crew
  • All he needs is a pint of IPA.

    Jeff Siegfried

    Barrel House Crew
  • Call him “Lance” if you want, just don’t call him late to dinner.

    Logan Smith

    Barrel House Crew
  • Caitlin Busby

    Barrel House Crew
  • placeholder logo image

    Kevin Lourm

    Barrel House Crew
  • Tony Viera

    Barrel House Crew
  • “You don’t dry-age a rodent.”

    Nat McGowan

    Executive Chef
  • Veronica Gonzalez

    Line Cook
  • placeholder logo image

    Teresa Medina

    Line Cook
  • Daniel Mastin

    Prep Cook
  • placeholder logo image

    Hirvin Corvera

  • placeholder logo image

    Biereck Melendez

  • Cynthia Fleischer

  • Heather Reed

  • placeholder logo image

    Max Hernandez



  • Rags, A_rag, Anferny, Rags al Ghul… we got plenty of silly names for him.

    Call him by anything but his name.

    Anthony Raggio

    Operations Manager
  • Flannels, kittens, and forklifts.

    Brendan Gesley

    Warehouse Operator
  • About to forklift the most fire album of 2018.

    Jonah Mendoza

    Warehouse Operator
  • Eduardo Estrada

  • Just wants you to know, he appreciates you.

    Mike Lucero



  • Co-founder of Triple Rock Brewing Co. and owner of Jupiter in Berkeley. Lover of Craft Beer.

    John Martin

  • Roy Kirkorian

    Wine and craft beer veteran.

    Roy Kirkorian

  • Robin Nebel

  • The Heavy.

    Jeanne Young

  • Dave Rowe

    Manager of all things and people.

    Dave Rowe

    Director of Retail Operations
  • The Accounting Bulldog

    Victoria Garza

    Office Manager & Accounts Payable
  • If you have a question, she probably has the answer.

    Debbie Wu

    HR Coordinator
  • Ariel Lew

    Accounting + Office Admin Assistant


Front of House
Back of House