THE DRAKE’S CREW As our former brewer Collin McDonnell said once, “the best breweries make great beer and great community. What’s better than good beer and good people?”

Drake’s community starts with the passion of the folks here at the brewery. The staff is made up of experienced craft brewers, a sales team, a marketing crew, and tap room staff all with a central love for brewing and sharing amazing craft beer.

Brew Team

  • Extracurricular fermentationalist and all round bad-ass brewer. Industry Treasure.

    John Gillooly

  • Kicks ass in the brewhouse, figuratively and literally.

    DeVonne Buckingham

    Production Manager
  • Keeps things running from the silo to the brite tank… and manages to snag second breakfast too.

    Chris Dunstan

    Head Brewer
  • Barrel keeper. Filter master. Firkin maestro. Brewhouse denizen.

    Travis Camacho

    Barrel Program Manager
  • He is cooler than you.

    Hal McConnellogue

    Cellar Manager
  • Plays with fire on his days off; and while at work.

    Justin Peck

  • Will cut you if you mispronounce “Robusto.”

    Roxanne Fernandez

  • Our Cleveland Connection. Proud Cavaliers fan and begrudging Browns fan.

    Emily Smith

  • Sour-sippin’ TEXAN

    Gwen Thompson

  • Bijan Vinzant

  • Chris Jacobs

  • Butcher. Baker. Sour-Beer Maker.

    Zack Bassett

    Specialty Beers and Barrel Aging
  • No one likes a parched afro.

    Malachi Vanderpuye

    Specialty Beers and Barrel Aging
  • Ruining beer with science, one test at a time.

    Michael Burgess

    Lab Manager
  • So anyways…

    Ricardo Ferrerya

    Racking Supervisor
  • placeholder logo image

    John Wonder

    Maintenance Assistant
  • Sings lullabies to the bottling line. Makes packaging miracles into realities.

    Dwight Peterson

    Packaging Supervisor
  • What, he worry?

    Chris “Vandy” Vanderpool

    Packaging Lead
  • Enoch Bailey

    Packaging Assisstant
  • If lost, please return to the brewery.

    Zachary Stout

    Packaging Assistant
  • Seen here in his natural habitat.

    Gilbert Ferreyra Mata

    Packaging Assistant
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    Ben White

    Packaging Assistant
  • Austin Rasby

    Packaging Assistant
  • placeholder logo image

    Jeremy McBrian

    Packaging Assistant
  • placeholder logo image

    James Wolfman

    Packaging Assistant


  • Gittins’ it done.

    John Gittins

    Vice President of Sales & Marketing
  • Jim Crudo

    Bay Area Regional Sales Manager
  • Movin’ us up the beer chain.

    Scott Nelson

    National Accounts Manager
  • Hopped down from the Northwest

    Adam Kirkorian

    Sales Operations Manager
  • Englishman in L.A.

    Chris Elmes

    Market Manager:
  • Flies from Tahoe to Sac to Chico and back. Doesn’t break a sweat.

    Eben Weisberg

    Market Manager:
    NorCal and Reno
  • Enjoys spending his spare time working on and riding motorcycles. We’re waiting on our kegercycle (patent pending).

    Dustin Franklin

    Market Manager:
    Central Valley
  • If you want to talk, see a therapist. If you want to talk beer, see Max.

    Max Pachuta

    Market Manager:
    San Francisco
  • Don’t even try to tell me beer is a man’s world, I’ll out drink you any day.

    Teresa Whisenhunt

    Market Manager: North East Bay
  • placeholder logo image

    Julian Orozco

    Market Manager: South East Bay
  • Drink Drake’s, Fear Drake’s

    Brittany Devencenzi

    Market Manager: San Jose

Marketing & Events

  • Goddess of Power Tools

    Amanda Cowles

    Brand Experience Manager
  • They call her “Burp-skens,” go ahead and ask her why…

    Carrie Beurskens

    Project Manager
  • Human Swiss Army Knife. Actually carries a Leatherman.

    Eric Ortega

    Tours and Education
  • Chelsea Holifield

    Social Media & Digital Content Coordinator
  • “Beer Me”

    Lauren Young

    Local Events Coordinator

Barrel House

  • “I’m from Iowa, I just work in outer space.”


    [Note: not actually a dog]

    Kurt Caudle

    Barrel House General Manager
  • Ask him about the two bananas sitting on the river bank.

    Antonio Sullivan-Sariñana

    Tap Room Manager
  • Thought the Jurassic Park ride was better than the movie. 

    Matt Fox

    Tap Room Manager
  • No longer allowed back to Flavortown

    Nat McGowan

    Executive Chef
  • Still doesn’t understand why “the Dro” wasn’t checked at the end of California Love.

    Josh Montero

    Barrel House Crew
  • All he needs is a pint of IPA.

    Jeff Siegfried

    Barrel House Crew
  • Backin’ the bar.

    Bryan Madeira

    Barrel House Crew
  • Seasoned UK and US beer drinker.

    Steve Brand

    Barrel House Crew
  • I came here to pet doggies and lift heavy objects…

    And I’m all out of doggies.

    Jason Doyle

    Barrel House Crew
  • Just a girl, looking at a beer, asking to drink it.

    Danielle Click

    Barrel House Crew
  • Tony Viera

    Barrel House Crew
  • Last seen eating in the office.

    John McDonald

    Barrel House Crew
  • Johnnie McDonald

    Barrel House Crew
  • Same soup, just reheated.

    Sebastian Maciel

    Sous Chef
  • Veronica Gonzalez

    Line Cook
  • placeholder logo image

    Teresa Medina

    Line Cook
  • “I’m afraid that if I stop all at once, the cumulative hangover will kill me.”

    Aaron Garcia

    Line Cook
  • Marcos Ramos

    Prep Cook
  • placeholder logo image

    Anthony Syphard

    Prep Cook


  • Beer Distribution Czar.

    “I do more than that.”

    ::Stares sternly::

    Anthony Raggio

    Operations Manager
  • Assists Operations.

    Anne Abrahamson

    Operations Assistant
  • Flannels, kittens, and forklifts.

    Brendan Gesley

    Warehouse Operator
  • Road Warrior

    Arnold Valerio

  • placeholder logo image

    Eduardo Estrada

  • Jonah Mendoza

    Warehouse Operator


  • Co-founder of Triple Rock Brewing Co. and owner of Jupiter in Berkeley. Lover of Craft Beer.

    John Martin

  • Roy Kirkorian

    Wine and craft beer veteran.

    Roy Kirkorian

  • Dow Tunis

    Vice President of Business Development
  • Robin Nebel

  • Dave Rowe

    Manager of all things and people.

    Dave Rowe

    Retail Operations Manager
  • The Heavy.

    Jeanne Young

    HR/Accounting Supervisor
  • The Accounting Bulldog

    Victoria Garza

    Office Manager & Accounts Payable
  • If you have a question, she probably has the answer.

    Debbie Wu

    HR Coordinator