Aroma Coma drops June 28th

California, do us a favor. Step outside. Point your nose the the vague direction of the East Bay. Inhale. Smell that? Exhale. It’s the smell of your favorite West Coast-style IPA heading back to the Golden State. And now… drink.
IMG_7696 Details are subject to change, but here’s how the event is looking right now:There will be limited sales of Brew-Rhino kegs, bombers, and growler fills. You can also just get a pint of the stuff if you’re not into the whole “carrying” thing.

Barrel House stalwarts Fivetenburger and Fist of Flour Pizza Company will both be on-hand servin’ up some of the East Bay’s best truck grub, but as usual, you may bring in outside food.

We’ll also be holding tours, setting up satellite bars, demoing hop selection, and other fun stuff we’ll solidify a little closer to the event, including a shuttle to & from San Leandro BART.


Q: Wait, where the hell’s Aroma Prieta?
A: Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Don’t fret- Aroma Prieta is coming later this year. Since the whole point of these beers is the lupulinic high from the hops, we decided to hold off on Aroma Prieta until we got this year’s New Zealand hops in, to give the beer that nice, crisp hop punch. We promise- you’ll survive ’til August.

Q: You expect me to show up for a measly ONE new beer?
A: Would you just read the whole post before all the yelling? Joining Aroma Coma will be a brand-new saison brewed with edible flowers that we’re calling Aroma Flora. We know- neat, right? That’ll be draft-only, with limited growler fills, and we can tell you more about that as we get closer to the release.