Aroma Coma Release Details (AKA how you can get your sweet sweet Aroma fix this Sat. June 28th)


We know you’re excited. We are too. We also know that our releases seem to be getting bigger every year with all you excellent people telling all your friends they HAVE to try Aroma Coma when it comes out. First of all, thanks a lot! Secondly, more people means we have to be pretty clear with y’all about how you can bring the sweet nectar that is the Aroma Coma (and its kickass new cousin Aroma Flora) into your lives. So here it goes:

Saturday, June 28 starting at noon we will be releasing Aroma Coma and Aroma Flora at Drake’s Barrel House. Here’s how you get it, and more details for the day.

Aroma Coma IPA- 6.75% ABV, 75 IBUs

Description: Our summer seasonal Aroma Coma India Pale Ale delivers an aromatic hop assault that lives up to its name. We start with almost all 2-row barley malt and a touch of Caramalt & Rye for body. Intense additions of American hops Citra, Cascade, Chinook, and a touch of El dorado and Amarillo deliver huge flavors of citrus and resinous pine. Finally, a double round of dry-hopping amps up the aroma to absurd levels of hop enjoyment. Inhale. Exhale. Drink. Repeat. Read more from our Brewmaster here.

Aroma Coma Availability on June 28:
Bottles: 22oz bottles (1 case per person limit). Available to purchase at the main bar or at the bottle/merch station to the left of the bar. Bottle customers at the main bar will get a bottle ticket. Take that to the bottle/merch station with your receipt (there is a pickup only line to the right of the main line) and turn in your ticket for your bottles.
Growlers: 2 per person available from the main bar or from the tap trailer by the back roll up door. (Yes, we do fill outside growlers. Please cover all other logos before bringing them to the DBH) 
Draft:  Pints of Aroma Coma will be available at the bar, at a jockey box near the entrance (beside the line… you’re welcome), and at the tap trailer by the back roll up door.
Cask: We will have 2 casks of Aroma Coma. 1. Aroma Coma with Marigold Flowers 2. Aroma Coma with Grapefruit and Whole Cascade hops.

Brew Rhino 5g kegs

*Due to a limited number of keg cooperage we won’t be able to get kegs to everyone that wants one this year… but we are gonna try our best to get more out there than in past years.*


Brew Rhino Kegs

1. We will have a very limited number of kegs available immediately upon opening to the first people in line who want one (both new keg customers or previous Brew Rhino customers). Those people will be allowed into the DBH 20 min early to buy their kegs and then return to their place in line.
2. After those kegs are sold (generally before opening in our experience), we will for the very first time attempt to carry out keg fills for any current Brew Rhino owner who brings in his or her empty keg. Only Drake’s red, Brew Rhino kegs can be accepted for filling. See picture. 
3. Anyone seeking a keg of Aroma Coma as their 1st Brew Rhino keg (meaning they don’t have an empty keg to fill) can put their name on a waitlist and hope (more may become available after the release day, but when and how much is not certain).
4. Those seeking keg fills may bring in their empty kegs until 3:30pm.
5. Keg fillers need to go to the bar or the additional bottle/merch line to the left of the bar and purchase their keg fill (and whatever else they want… pints, growlers, bottles, etc.).
6. The bartender will fulfill their order and hand them a Aroma Coma Brew Rhino ticket with their receipt.
7. They then need to take the ticket, their receipt, and the empty keg to the keg fill station attendant located to the left of the tap trailer by the back roll up door.
8. The keg fill attendant will take their name, phone number and empty keg for filling. The fresh keg will be ready in roughly 30 minutes (bear with us on this number… it’s our first time doing this for y’all). They will number your ticket and give it to you as a receipt to claim your keg.
9. After 30 minutes, bring back your ticket and claim your fresh, delicious 5g reward.
10. Repeating this point for emphasis: Keg Fills will happen until 3:30pm. 

*Bottles, pints, and growler fills of Aroma Coma will be available after the release day. New keg customers with their names on the waitlist may be able to get Aroma Coma Brew Rhino kegs after the release day based on availablity (it’s a roll of the dice here)*

Aroma Flora- 5.8% ABV, 19 IBUs
Our cousin to Aroma Coma’s intense hop attack is Aroma Flora, a Saison using HenHouse Brewing’s Saison yeast, pitched in to a batch of beer brewed with pilsner and rye malts.  After the boil, we ran the beer through a hop back loaded with flowers – specifically, a hop flower from Germany called Saphir, and an edible flower called calendula. Post-fermentation, we dry hopped the beer with Elderflower, Rose Hips and Camomile, as well as adding some lemon zest. Intense floral aromatics combine with the saison yeast character to create a delectable and unique beer.

Aroma Flora Availability on June 28:
Growlers: 2 per person available from the main bar or from the tap trailer by the back roll up door. (Yes, we do fill outside growlers. Please cover all other logos before bringing them to the DBH)
Draft:  Pints of Aroma Coma will be available at the bar and at the tap trailer by the back roll up door.
Cask: We will have a pin cask of Aroma Flora available at some point during the day.

Public Transit: We will have a BART shuttle picking up at the San Leandro BART from 12 til 7pm from the LINKS Bus Stop at the BART Station to Drake’s. The shuttles will likely run roughly every 15 minutes in the loop.
Driving: Please have a DD for the day because responsibility is awesome. You may park in any *marked* space around Drake’s. If you park in the circle by Walmart’s loading dock, they will tow your car. These spots will fill quickly. Additional parking is to be found in the large lot by Walmart and Sports Authority. Do not go up the ramp… there is no public parking up there.

Tours will run at 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5pm. They will include a hop selection demonstration with Drake’s brewers. There will be 15 people max per tour. Please wear appropriate clothes and closed-toed shoes if you would like to take a tour.

Fists of Flour Pizza, Fivetenburger, and BouriquenSOUL (Puerto Rican)

Mountain Fire Band– Your soundtrack from 12-4pm will be provided by Bill Davies, Bob Blanshard and friends. Traditional, straight ahead no frills California hillbilly music.

Kids? Dogs? 
Standard DBH policy stands.

-Kids in strollers/baby bjorns/baby seats can be brought into the DBH, but please refrain from bringing any kid of an age to wander about. Otherwise, we are 21+.
-Dogs are welcome on leashes, but we ask you to be mindful of the fact that Saturday will be an exceptionally busy day at Drake’s. If your dog doesn’t jive with crowds… best to leave your buddy at home. Service animals of course are welcome.

Thanks for bearing with us on this altogether boring rundown of rules and information for the Aroma Coma Release Day. We hope you are all now prepped for a FANTASTIC day filled with truly transcendently aromatic, fresh beer. Cheers!