Around the Brewery: Dehydration and Pantry Raiding Barrels

We’re always keeping busy round here, even when we aren’t technically brewing. “What? Not brewing? But… Why??” you ask? Well, turns out our landlords had some flooding/busted water line issues that needed some attention. They have worked through the night to fix it but it still left us with out water all morning. Such is life. Hopefully we’ll get our brew of the day started before long.

Still, it’s not like we don’t have plenty to keep us busy.

Chris has been working on tank preparation/cleaning, Kyle’s filling kegs, and Jesse and Alex are moving tank components for a big fermenter migration tomorrow. Btw, Alex is sporting one of our new hoodies (just in yesterday and available at the Barrel House along with some other new things).

Also, last night Brian spent a healthy amount of time (likely longer than normal given that he only has one hand right now) filling a variety of barrels with a Belgian Ale he has dubbed Pantry Raid, which is somewhat similar to a Belgian Dubbel. We’ve had great luck with our Belgians in the barrel with successes like Brette Davis Eyes and Amy “Beer-in-Wine” House, which were both Belgian blonde’s aged in wine barrels (Merlot and Chardonnay respectively). Brian filled several different kinds of barrels including Brandy, Chardonnay, Merlot and Port with the Pantry Raid, so with time we will get to see how this Belgian beauty takes to the barrel too.