Reservations can only be made at the BARN for the PizzaSmith restaurant. If your group consists of 10 or more people, or if you're interested in hosting a large party or private event, contact 

WEST SACRAMENTO: PizzaSmith at Drake's BARN

  • Please call us at directly for day-of reservations.
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    For groups larger than 10 people, or if you're interested in a private party, please email directly.
  • Weather constraints may dictate seating arrangements.
  • Here is a good space to list any questions regarding the menu or pricing or if you have any specific private party requests.
    Please confirm that you're requesting a reservation for the PizzaSmith at Drake's BARN in West Sacramento. If you're attempting to make a reservation for Drake's Dealership in Oakland, please go to that respective page on our website by using the menu at the top of the page. Thank you!
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