Drake’s Brewing Going Under the Bay

April 1, 2018


(San Leandro, CA) Unfathomable as it may seem, the Bay Area craft beer market is quickly becoming oversaturated. Real estate costs are rising and competition is fierce. Over 900 breweries are currently vying for craft beer drinkers’ attention in California alone, causing one long-time industry leader to think outside the box. Drake’s Brewing has decided to build a new taproom and brewery at the bottom of the San Francisco Bay.

The ambitious project, once opened, will be the world’s first underwater craft beer production facility. The location is 22.5 fathoms deep and just 1 block from the Transbay Tube, ensuring easy-access for Bay Area commuters. Water currents around this indoor/outdoor space will create the ideal environment for sampling award-winning beer and an innovative food menu. The project is tentatively called Drake’s Under the Bay.

Drake’s Brewmaster, John Gillooly, will be leading the brewing operation. He’s excited by the underwater challenge and available ingredients. According to Gillooly, “Seaweed is a vastly underrated beer ingredient. It contains flavor compounds similar to hops, and will add a Bay flavor to my India Pale Ales.” Future beer releases will also include Squid Ink Stout, Salty Starfish Gose, and a Milkshake IPA made with ground seashells.   

The food menu is being developed by Drake’s salty old sea captain, Executive Chef Taylor A. Smith, who will bring his own brand of culinary piracy to the new location. Chef Smith will focus on locally foraged shellfish and fresh produce farmed from a seafloor garden. Adventurous eaters will be thrilled to try the limited Seagull Burger, only offered when traps are successful. Guests can also expect wood-fired pizzas, though, “It’s been a challenge getting the pizza ovens to light down there, but I think we’ve figured it out."

Pending permits and an environmental impact study, Drake’s will break ground on the project by mid-summer, with an expected opening in early 2019. Following Drake’s upcoming West Sacramento location, The Barn, this will be the San Leandro-based brewery’s fourth retail location since the brewery was founded in 1989.


  1. Raymond Moreno says:

    April Fools!!
    You had me up until “22.5 fathoms deep”