Drake’s Collaboration Beers: LA Beer Week 2018

By John Gillooly, Brewmaster
June 15th, 2018

John Gillooly & Devonne Buckingham at Beachwood Brewing

LA Beer Week is upon us and we love the opportunity to take a trip down south and brew with some of our favorite breweries. This year was particularly busy. We executed collaborations with three excellent LA-area breweries: Beachwood Brewing, Eagle Rock Brewery, and Phantom Carriage Brewery. We made some really great beers with each of these guys, and they’re all available during LA Beer Week.

The first collaborator was Beachwood Brewing.  Julian Shrago and I are on our 6th collaboration together, and this year we brewed an Extra Brut IPA. Extra Brut IPAs are a type of IPA that use enzymes to completely dry them out by making all of the malt sugars accessible yeast. For this particular brew, we used a combination of English Pale Ale malt and flaked wheat for the grist, Mosaic cryo-pellets in the whirlpool (no bittering hops!), and an aggressive dry-hop of Citra cryo-pellets, Ekuanot cryo-pellets, regular T-90 Mosaic and Ekuanot pellets, and a touch of Mosaic cryo-pellets. The beer has an awesome tropical/dank aroma, mellow bitterness (30 IBUs), and a super dry finish. We named the beer Romulan and Remus, in our continuing quest to duplicate our C&D for our very first collab, Mind Melder IPA.

Next up we collaborated with our friends at Eagle Rock Brewery, and put together an awesome Session IPA called 2 Birds one Rock.  This brew blended Golden Promise pale ale malt with our local Admiral Maltings caramel malt (kilned 35), for a sweet, well-toasted, malty body, that support a huge hop aroma of Amarillo, Simcoe and Citra aromatics further enhanced with a huge addition of freshly grated grapefruit. At 5.4% ABV it’s super drinkable with amazing complex citric notes.

Our final collaboration has been more than a year in the making. Last year, our friends at Phantom Carriage Brewery came up to brew a wild rice Saison with us. The base beer was super nutty and rustic. We used that beer as a base for each of our brewery’s barrel programs to run amok on. Our final version came out quite sour with expressive tropical notes, while the Phantom version has a lot of Brett funk.  This was a really fun project and will be a model for future brewing projects.

Love bringing the love to LA! Look for our Production Manager, DeVonne Buckingham, and Barrel Master, Travis Camacho, at release events for these beers, as well as at the LA Beer Week Kick-off Festival.