Drake’s DIY: 6-Pack Crown

Four score and seven beers ago, the great Dow Tunis (formerly the longest serving Drake’s employee, now President/CEO of Half Moon Bay Brewing) taught us how to adorn our heads with a glorious ’Murican crown. Prepare ye self for this historic holiday with a little red, white and brew crafting, using independent beer and a little ingenuity.



  • Friends. Every ruler needs a royal court!

Step One:

Obtain one 6pk of Drake’s Best Coast IPA and remove the bottles, either into your fridge or into your mouth. Crafting, like most things, is more fun after a drink or two, but we do not recommend consuming a full 6-pk by yourself before using scissors… Unless you have safety scissors? IDK, our safety committee will submit a formal request to OSHA and get back to you.

Step Two:

Remove the top handle without snipping the sides of the carrier. This is the thickest layer of cardboard so you really gotta put some muscle into it… Whew, have another sip of beer to celebrate all your hard work.

Step Three:

Crack the seams on either of the short sides of the carrier and butterfly that cardboard fillet open so that it lays flat. Rip and pull on the ugly inner bits as much as you like, just make sure the outside stays in one piece.

Step Four:
You’re doing great! Have another swig of beer! 🎉🍻

Step Five:
Flip the cardboard over. Surprise, there’s bottle cap cornhole on the bottom! Follow the printed instructions to enjoy this most sacred of drinking games and/or continue on to Step Six.

Step Six:
Trim all remaining excess so that only the beautifully red, white and blue printed parts remain. Starting from either edge, cut zig zag along the outside of the red shields. The lines might not perfectly match up so a bit of flubbing is encouraged. We left the “IPA” text attached on the top to further prove that we are King/Queen of IPAs.

Step Eight:
Wear your independent beer crown on Independence Day like the true champion that you are! Just don’t have too much fun, okay? Be sure to tag @drakesbeer and #drakesDIY in all your star-spangled shenanigan shots. Got a better craft beer craft? Tag us in that as well!