Drake’s DIY: Case Box Cowboy Hat

What screams ‘Murica louder than making a cowboy hat out of a case box? Pretty much nothing, that’s what. Drake’s longest serving employee, Dow Tunis, shows you how to impress your friends and annoy your enemies in our most recent #DrakesDIY blog.

Slightly more involved than last month’s bottle cap cornhole, this cowboy hat is durable, dandy AF and potentially even waterproof. Let’s get crackin’!

• 2x Drake’s case boxes (we recommend our Best Coast IPA for optimum patriotism)
• Scissors and/or a box cutter
• Handy dandy Sharpie
• Packing tape

• A horse. We’re offering a million cool points to whoever sends us a photo of themselves on a horse wearing a Drake’s case box cowboy hat.



Step One:
Pop over to your local grocery/liquor/bottle shop and get two 24pks of Drake’s beer. Make sure the cardboard isn’t soggy, this is the base of your awesome new attire! We recommend drinking some, but not all, of your beer before crafting. Box cutters are sharp, yo.

Step Two:
Cut one box open and lay it flat, with the blank side facing up. This is probably the easiest step. Other than drinking beer.

Step Three:
Draw an oval in one of the larger cardboard sections. This will be the brim of the cowboy hat. It doesn’t need to be perfect, unless you’re this guy.

Step Four:
Cut out your oval and use it as a template to draw a second oval on the second larger cardboard section. Once both ovals are cut out, draw a second smaller oval in the middle. Yes, this looks like a toilet seat. No, we’re not children… But yes, adults are still allowed to think potty humor is funny.

Step Five:
Cut the smaller hole out. We found it’s not actually easier just to draw one hole and cut through both brims at the same time. Take your time. Be gentle. Save one of these donut holes for later.

Step Six:
Tape your two brims together. Pro tip: the more tape you use, the more beer/waterproof your hat becomes.

Step Seven:
Time to turn your attention to the second case box! Trim the tops/bottoms off and use only the red middle band of the box. Use as much as your need, gently bend it along a table edge and tape it into a cylinder. Trust us, this is easier said than done… You should probably drink another beer now.


Step Eight:
You’re so close to being done! Secure the cylinder to the brim with more tape. ‘Member the donut hole from Step Five? That’s the top of your hat. Tape it into place!

Step Nine:
Clean up and curl the edges. The coolest cowboys have the most curled hat edges. Or something like that…

Step Ten:
BOOM. You did it! You’re sure to be the best dressed cowboy at any Independence Day BBQ. Snap a pic and tag us with #DrakesDIY. Don’t forget what we said in the beginning about a horse…