Drake’s Experimental IPAs are Coming

Jenna in the lab.

Jenna in the lab.

If you know us at all, you understand we have a deep, abiding fascination with all forms of hops and hop-forward beers, particularly those native to our little slice of life here on the West Coast.

Furthermore, if you haven’t noticed, we really get into all things science. Yeast cell counts excite us beyond normal levels, and water chemistry is GD stimulating.


Travis seriously inspecting a hop cone.

It was really a no brainer to put these interests together. So, over the next few months we are going to be brewing a few batches of experimental IPAs.

You see, we are lucky enough to have lots of hops at our disposal including a few varieties of experimental hops that we need to understand fully. How better to figure out the best ways to put them together for optimal hoppy beer enjoyment than by conjuring up a succession of West Coast IPAs for you, our much appreciated and hop-adoring West Coast fans, to enjoy?

So here’s the plan:

Over the next few months we will be releasing a succession of hop-forward IPAs. Each one will be slightly different in hop makeup, grist bill, or some other facet, and each batch will go to a different area of California. All batches will be available at Drake’s Barrel House.

The first batch EXP IPA Batch #4778 is coming at ya next week and will be available close to home in the East Bay, San Francisco, and a bit in the North Bay. It’s named after the actual batch number, but feel free to call it EXP IPA- Batch Bay Area, or as we we are calling it around here IPA “X-1” if that’s easier for you.

Chris is very curious about fermentation.

Chris is very curious about fermentation.

Now, no experiment is really successful unless we collect plenty of data… so we need you guys.

Locals: look for it in your favorite craft beer hubs and let us know what you think. We’re easy to get a hold of (here on the website, Twitter @Drakesbrewery, Facebook, USPS, or swing by the DBH and tell us in person).

The Rest of California: Be patient. A batch will come your way. We’ll letcha know when. But grab our ear (metaphorically… ouch) when you have a pint and give us your thoughts.

HopsIPA-EXP1The Rest of the Country’s/World’s beer lovers: you’ll just have to visit California. It’s worth it. There’s lots of great beer here.



  1. Jeff Kohl says:

    Thoughts on IPA X-1.

    I thought the beer had a great hop flavor and aroma, however I thought the bitterness level was a bit too high. It distracted me from the hop flavors and made it a little bit less drinkable. If you backed off on the IBUS by 10-15 I think you would have a winner. On another point, this is a great idea and I love when brewers/breweries ask for the public’s feedback. Keep the awesomeness coming and thanks!