Drake’s: Not Just in the Bay

416637907_ff9dd71c9e_o 2Photo by Jay: https://flic.kr/p/5LhSYo

True, we’ve been in the same building in the East Bay since 1989, and we’ll always count The Beast as our home & our Bay Area fans as our neighbors and supporters. And it’s precisely because of that support we’ve become the tiny bigger brewery many of you know & love us as.

That brings us to the first order of business- we are now in Reno, Nevada! That’s right, the biggest little brewery is now found in the Biggest Little City, and you can now enjoy Drake’s in bottle and on tap at all your favorite beer joints (and if we’re not there, ask for us).

Secondly, we’ve been working diligently to kiss more hands, shake more babies, and drink more pints with you guys in LA in the past few months, so you Angelinos should take a gander at our events page. Our events staffers in LA are working their butts off all over LA & Orange County, setting up and repping at tap takeovers, pint nights, retail tastings, and beer fests.

LA, SD, OC: we’re talking to you. We know it’s tough to keep up with what we are doing with events, special beers, and other happenings in your neck of the woods when you have to wade through the melange of Northern California things too. We get that. We’re here to help.

Starting in August, Drake’s is launching new Facebook and Twitter pages dedicated to the love of Drake’s in the southern half of this grand (but quite expansive) state of ours. Hopefully this will help you get what you’ve been looking for (more Drake’s in your beer glasses). Here’s how you connect:

Follow us on Twitter, or Like us on Facebook.

See? That wasn’t so bad.

We’re never gonna become Angels fans, though. Sorry, OC.

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