Less is More Drinking Drake’s Session Beers

By Eric Ortega, Tour & Education Program Mgr.
May 21, 2018

While Session Fest is taking place this Memorial Day Weekend, there’s no wrong time of year to enjoy a well-made, sessionable beer. A general rule of thumb is that “session” beers fall at or below 5% alcohol by volume (ABV), but that’s not a universal definition. At Drake’s we brew a wide variety of low ABV beers, because the festive spirit of sharing beers with friends and colleagues, can be all the more enjoyable, when you’re not being knocked on your ass by higher alcohol strength.

Drake’s session beers encompass a broad range of classic German, Belgian, English, and new American beer styles. Flyway Pilsner, Oaklanderweisse, Kick Back IPA, Dry Irish Stout, Hefe, Super Becky Blonde, and Rye Robustito are all sessionable options our brewing team has created. The trick with these low ABV styles is learning how to do more with less, and using great ingredients.

When we brew Flyway Pilsner (4.6%), the recipe includes high quality German Pilsner malt. For Kick Back Session IPA (4.3%) we use lush Mosaic hops for an edge of tropical and ripe berry fruit aromatics. Or even when we brew Rye Robustito (4.8%), we age the beer in Rye Whiskey barrels for 4 months, to extract a warm vanilla and caramel flavors from the soaked and charred oak. Good beer need not always be bold or aggressive, a good beer is defined by care and attention to the brewing process.

Session Fest will demonstrate our talent for low-gravity brewing on May 26th. Frequently cited as one of our best events of the year, Session Fest allows you to walk about Jack London Square with a half pint in hand and cheer in your hearts. We invited over 30 of our favorite breweries to attend and pour their best sessionable beers. Buy your tickets now