Hop Chef: Everything is Brewtiful

We’re thrilled to have Magnolia Brewery participating in Hop Chef. Magnolia Gastropub and Brewery became a neighborhood staple of “Hashbury” in 1997. Today Magnolia has become quintessential to the Bay Area, with locals and visitors alike flocking to their multiple locations for their tasty and unconventional brews, seasonal pub food, and their “everything is brewtiful” outlook.

For their Hop Chef beer Dave Mclean, Magnolia’s Owner and Brewmaster, got ginger. “When I drew ginger, I was relieved it wasn’t one of several other ingredients. I figured we could do something fun with ginger.”

Dave and Darren Cummings (Magnolia’s Lead Brewer) continued to work on the recipe for their beer right up until the brew day. “It definitely didn’t come together in a flash.” Ultimately they decided on using an English- Influenced base that they know and love but rather than being traditional they decided to spice things up, literally, with some spice forwards hops to really highlight the ginger. “All in all, we went for light and refreshing as a mission for this beer.”

Light, refreshing, with notes of ginger: sounds pretty “brewtiful” to us! Get a taste at Hop Chef.