Hop Chef: Trappist Yeast and Meyer Lemons

Triple Voodoo is a premium craft brewery located in the historic Dogpatch. They specialize in combining Belgian and West Coast style brewing, making some unique and interesting brews. They’re using their signature brewing style to tantalize our taste buds for Hop Chef.

Head Brewer Phil Meeker got Meyer Lemons as his Hop Chef Ingredient. Although he had never used this tangy fruit before it didn’t take him long to come up with a plan, they’re brewing a wheat beer using Belgian Yeast. “We’re using a Trappist yeast so there is notes of stone fruit and apricot as well as clove phenolics and banana esters.”

Worried that the Meyer Lemons flavor wouldn’t come through, the Triple Voodoo team grilled a portion of the lemons to enhance the flavor. Plus they’re contemplating “Dry Lemoning” in the fermenter to really make sure their unique ingredient shines through. They also added a splash of coriander to compliment the lemons. “Should be interesting!” We couldn’t agree more!