Drake’s DIY: Ice Cream Beer Float

By Chelsea Holifield
July 15, 2018

Happy National Ice Cream Day...

...another uselessly wonderful excuse to celebrate an otherwise uneventful Sunday! We're giving you the scoop on how to get in on the festivities like a true craft beer drinker. Thank Ronald Reagan and his interest in the dairy industry for this holiday, folks!


• A glass to drink out of
• Ice cream (French Vanilla or Coffee would be an appropriate pairing too)
• Caramel syrup
Black Robusto Porter


• Any toppings your heart desires (sprinkles, chopped nuts, cherry on top)
• Spoon and/or straw



Place two scoops of ice cream into a 16oz mason jar. This is a Pinterest-worthy food tutorial, OF COURSE there's a mason jar involved. And a paper straw, because, well, this is the Bay Area.


Drizzle your ice cream with caramel sauce… Or use the whole bottle, we won't judge.


Fill your jar to the top with Black Robusto Porter. You'll want to pour slowly, gently and perhaps at an angle to mitigate the amount of head. Remember, you can always fill a little, wait until the carbonation clears, then pour some more.


Enjoy your classy, boozy afternoon delight! Be sure to tag @drakesbeer and #drakesDIY in all your dairy-licious beer floating. Got a better craft beer craft? Tag us in that as well!