Jolly Rodger Bottle Release 2015


Avast ye! Jolly Rodger spotted on the horizon!

Bring ye empty treasure chests to be filled with the finest bottle releases of the year. This year’s Jolly release is a special collaboration with Oakland’s own Highwire Coffee company. We brewed an Imperial Coffee Porter with Highwire’s carefully selected roast from the Huila region of Columbia: Colombia Huila Finca La Ilusion Natural – a naturally processed Colombian coffee grown at high altitude and featuring intense raspberry aromatics.  To best showcase the coffee flavor, we’ve built a balanced Imperial Porter that enhances the fruit notes without burying it under excessive roast.

Be sure to dock at our Barrel House to experience the Jolly Rodger aged in rye and bourbon barrels which combines intense chocolate and coffee notes with a deep roastiness and smooth vanilla and bourbon character from our mates at Highwest whiskey.

This pirate holiday will also be your first chance to pillage our wealth of the season’s pumpkin beers. Pungent Pumpkin is our annual pumpkin sour ale aged in Cabernet barrels. When the sun hits 4 pm a mythical beast will escape John’s locker: Rise of the Dark Gourd is our Imperial Pumpkin Porter. Over 150 pounds of Sugar Pie pumpkins picked from a farm in Gilroy have walked the plank (smoked on applewood) on our brewdeck into a deep dark sea of porter. Jupiter’s Orbiting Gourd can be spotted later in the night – spiced and roasted kabocha and butternut and two types of pumpkins are added to a simple mash with caramelized malt. Hops are kept down so as to not eclipse the gourd’s presence.

Polish your cutlass, air out ye frilly shirts, and don 3-pointed caps for this season we’ll be having a pirate costume party for the full sail of the night. Only one brave soul will be the best buccaneer.

Full Schedule of the day:
12 pm – Treasure chest opened for seadogs to lay claim to bottles of this year’s Jolly Rodger – Imperial Coffee Porter.
1 pm – Barrel Aged Jolly Rodger aged in Highwest rye and bourbon barrels (bottle release)
2 pm – Jolly Rodger on cask with vanilla beans
3 pm – Pungent Pumpkin Sour aged on Cabernet barrels on-tap
4 pm – Rise of the Dark Gourd: Imperial Pumpkin Porter on-tap
5 pm – Orbiting Gourd pumpkin ale on-tap
10 pm – Sails down and port closed. Cheers!