Jolly Rodger Washes Ashore Saturday

JollyRodger2014_8We told you about the 2014 iteration of Jolly Rodger last month, with its addition of Blue Bottle coffee. So now it’s time to tell you about the Imperial Coffee Stout’s release day, this Saturday at noon at Drake’s Barrel House, along with that of the New Zealand-hopped Imperial White IPA companion, Abdominally Jolly.

On tap & ripe for plunderin’, we’ll have Jolly Rodger and Abdominally Jolly, as well as 2013 Jolly Rodger aged in High West barrels. We’ll also have specialty casks of both Jolly Rodger and Abdominally Jolly at the bar.

If you wanna fill up your treasure chest with booty to take home, we’ve got you covered there, too: growlers of Jolly & Abdominally (limit 2 JR/person & 1 AJ/person), 22oz bombers of Jolly Rodger (1 case limit/person) & Brew-Rhino kegs of Jolly Rodger (1 keg limit/person).

OK, the beer is settled. What else is going on?

Food, of course. Fiveten Burger and Bombzie’s BBQ will be on site stokin’ the fires to fill you up.

And for dessert, Nosh This will be selling crack.

We should probably explain… That would of course be Bacon Crack, their Good Food Award-winning confection of chocolate, toffee, almonds, and of course, bacon. The vegetarian Almond Crack will be available as well, and as much as we like those, we’re also looking forward to a Jolly Rodger Truffle they’ll be bringing. From Nosh This founder Kai Kronfield:

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 1.15.14 PMNosh This has created a custom truffle bar for this event incorporating the newly released 2014 Jolly Rodger. This filled-bar has a blend of three different chocolates, Jolly Rodger Imperial Coffee Stout along with a touch of additional Blue Bottle coffee to highlight the roasted flavors of the beer.

We will also be pairing beers with our signature Bacon Crack and it’s little vegetarian sister, Almond Crack. These chocolates pair beautifully with hoppy beers. You know, the kind that Drake’s is known for?

Jollooly4We also know that Halloween in the Bay Area isn’t limited to the 31st of October, so we’re also holding a costume contest, with prizes for the winners. So clear the fun-size Twix offa your face & strap that plastic parrot back on your shoulder and strap in for one more day of eyepatches & grog, as Jolly Rodger comes ashore in San Leandro for the 25th time.

As for the rest of you landlubbers, Jolly Rodger will make its rounds in 22oz bottles and draft throughout Drake’s distribution footprint in California and Reno starting next week.

So hey- you’ve been to our events. You know it’s always a good time. So come on out to Drake’s, keep the Halloween weekend rolling, and score yourself a couple of the best craft beverages in the East Bay in one bottle.