Sacramento Beer Week at the BARN

Drake’s is gearing up for Sacramento Beer Week. We couldn’t be happier to join the festivities, especially the 10th anniversary of this local celebration. It’s the first year we’ll be hosting events at the BARN and we have a fantastic lineup. You can stop by for a special flight, sit down for a beer dinner, or play some beer jeopardy, just to name a few things. Checkout out the full list of events below.



It’s a battle of the Drake’s brewers: we’re pitting Barrel Program Head Travis Comacho against Brewmaster John Gillooly for a beer and food pairing extravaganza! YOU will determine which brewer wins ultimate bragging rights by best pairing their beverages to Chef Taylor’s five-course prix fixe menu.

The event will begin with a casual schmooze fest where you will sample beer-infused cocktails crafted by resident Drake’s: The Barn bartenders, while scoping out your spot and snacking on starters. Seating and service will start at 6pm sharp.

As you eat your way through a ridiculous array of dishes, the brewers will present their beer pairings, explaining why they chose what they chose, allowing you to ask questions, engage in friendly discourse and ultimately cast your vote. Who will take home the title? That’s entirely up to you!




Picture this: it’s a dystopian future, brewery giants have all but squashed the little guys, and now four craft brewers have been pitted against each other in a nationally televised brews and bites battle royale. Their mission: nail each round of pairing to win your vote and become The Last Brewer Standing. We’re hoping for all-out Lord of the Flies battle to the death… or something like that.

Join Drake’s Brewing, New Glory, Berryessa Brewing and Bike Dog on Tuesday, 4/30 from 6-9pm for this first-of-its-kind extravaganza. This is an outdoor, non-seated event where you must journey between food and beer booths to discover the secrets that lie within. Three courses of small bites will be paired with beers from each brewery and YOU will decide who balances their flavors best.

This game is sudden death and the brewery with the least amount of votes each round will be eliminated. Sure, they’ll still be serving beer in the following rounds, but their shame shall prevent them from competing any longer.




Are you smarter than a Cicerone? Now is your chance to prove it! To celebrate the craft beer geekery that is Sacramento Beer Week, we’re offering a blind beer tasting flight to all who dare sip in the dark.

Join us at Drake’s: The Barn anytime during regular business hours on Wednesday, 5/1 for four 4oz pours of delicious suds. Which ones? You tell us. Correctly name all four styles and we’ll bow down to your ultimate knowledge, and maybe even put your Polaroid on the wall. Or something. We haven’t figured that part out yet.

Bring your friends (or foes) and find out who actually knows what they’re talking about at all those beer swaps you’ve been going to…



This. Is. Beer Jeopardy! Now entering the beer garden are today’s contestants:

  • A brewmaster with a tenacious pursuit of excellence, repping Crooked Lane Brewing Company: Teresa Psuty!
  • A head brewer and wort alchemist repping Alaro Craft Brewery: Chris Keeton!
  • And our returning champion, a brewmaster and dancing monkey from Drake’s Brewing Company: John Gillooly!

And now, here is the host of Beer Jeopardy, Drake’s Tour & Education Manager, Eric Ortega!

Come to Drake’s: The Barn on Thursday, 5/2 from 7-9pm for some serious entertainment and beer education. We’re paying homage to America’s favorite question and answer game show with what may end up being a scientifically sloppy mess! A portion of proceeds will be donated to pancreatic cancer awareness and prevention.

Contestants will respond in the form of a question on topics ranging from beer styles to the brewing process, history of beer and beer in pop culture. To buzz in, they must have an empty glass in front of them… Which will continually be filled with the beer of their choice. What will happen? We’re really not sure but it’s guaranteed to be exciting!

Free entry, all ages welcome, just know that some content may be inappropriate for children. We can try to censor profanity but there’s no 3-second delay IRL! Dogs on leashes fully permitted.



Gather your crew and get ready to shop oddities and artisan goods at our first-ever Beer Craft Night Market! On Friday, 5/3 from 5-9pm, come to Drake’s: The Barn and enjoy an evening of crafty craft beer infusions. A glorious hodgepodge of beer-y good concoctions will delight your senses and enthrall your mind. Bring a bag, you might go home with more than you expect!

We’re enthused about all things infused, and are grateful to the following vendors for taking their love of beer to the next level:

  • Burly Beverages, elderflower & hops soda syrup
  • Leash and Collar, themed dog attire and dog beer!
  • Indie Sweets, beer-infused sea salt caramels
  • Sacred River Apothecary, beer soap
  • Nash & Proper, beer-infused chicken sando and Wasted Sauce
  • More to be announced!

Entry to this night market is FREE, beer and food are sold a la carte. All ages and species welcome, so long as they remain supervised by an adult. Let’s get chocolate wasted, y’all!

Interested in being a vendor? Contact Delayna@DrakesBrewing.com for more information.



Are you ready to ruuuummbbbble? We’re quivering with anticipation over the first-ever Riverfront IPA Rumble, a beer festival and competition of staggering proportions! Debuting at Drake’s: The Barn during Sacramento Beer Week, this event will feature the stickiest, hoppiest, and dankest West Coast and Speciality IPAs that exist on this side of the country. Proceeds will benefit the California Craft Brewers Association.

Join Drake’s Brewing Co. and 20+ other breweries on May 4th from 12-4pm for an afternoon of unlimited independent beer. Each brewery will rally their best IPA to be judged in competition by a team of experts, culminating in two awards:

 Classic/Traditional IPA – Entries must be a West Coast Style IPA, under 10% ABV. Styles include: American IPA, Double IPA, Session IPA, International IPA, English IPA, and West Coast IPA

 New/Innovative IPA – Entries must be a new or experimental style IPA, under 10% ABV, which include, but are not limited to: Hazy/Opaque IPAs, Brut/Amylase Enzyme IPA, Belgian IPA, Black IPA, Red IPA, Black IPA, Rye IPA, Wheat/White IPA, Fruited IPAs, Milkshake IPAs, and India Pale Lagers.

Even better, YOU get to decide the winner of our People’s Choice Award! Each attendee will receive one voting token to bestow upon their most favorite brew of the day. Results will be tallied at 3pm, award ceremony to follow.




We’re getting piggy with a riverfront picnic as our final hoorah of Sacramento Beer Week! Bring your fam, your friends and all those in need of delicious food to soak up the remnants of a week of drinking adventures. We’ll supply the pig, you supply the blanket, mother earth will supply the sunshine!

Regular food service will be available all day, specialty BBQ service will be from 12-5pm. Free entry, family and canine friendly. Let’s have some fun!