Live Streaming & Beer Drinking

Remember what concerts were like? Oh, how we miss the body-thumping energy of standing shoulder-to-shoulder in a sweaty mass of strangers, drinking/spilling beer all over the floor and taking in the live dulcet tones of our favorite musical acts. It’s probably going to be a while before we can do that again, so instead we’ve begun live streaming some of music’s best moments via the internet.

Whether you’re kicking back on the couch or turning your living room into a dance floor, our team has compiled a few of our favorite live streaming and beer drinking pairings. Crack a cold one, press play and pretend you’re really in the crowd with these selections from across the ages.



PERFORMANCE: The Cars, Rock Goes To College (1979)
BEER: 1500 Pale Ale
RECOMMENDED BY: Jeanne Young, Director of Finance and Administration

1979 was an epic year for rock’n’roll and this live recording of The Cars is a prime example. This band was a bunch of talented people, kicking ass doing what they love, just like our brew team. The Cars didn’t need glitz or glam to make it big, and neither does our flagship 1500 Pale Ale. They are both boldly authentic and of the highest quality. This set is the perfect accompaniment for hangin’ in the sunshine with the fam or some friends, sipping on a cold, crisp “Hundo.” Let The Good Time Roll!



PERFORMANCE: XTC, Rockpalast (1982)
BEER: Kick Back IPA
RECOMMENDED BY: Hal McConnellogue

Alright, grab a 6-pack of Kick Back IPA and turn your stereo to 11! Crack the first one open and click on the video. XTC was an English rock band or as they call it, This is Pop music. Touring in support of their new album English Settlement, XTC stopped by Rockpalast in Germany to record a live concert on February 10th, 1982. Their catchy riffs and smart lyrics make you move to the beat, like your hand reaching for another Kick Back right about now. XTC stopped performing live a few months later so this is as close as a fan can get these days. Lucky for you, Kick Back IPA is around and kicking all year long.



PERFORMANCE:Nirvana, Live on MTV Unplugged (1993) – Full Show
BEER: 1500 Pale Ale
RECOMMENDED BY: Justin Carter, Cellar Lead

Once upon a time, MTV had music. On this mythical channel there were beautiful acoustic jam sessions. Nirvana’s Unplugged concert was one of the best. Cobain belted out staples like ‘Come as You Are’ and ‘All Apologies’ that are absolutely incredible, but it was the covers that really made this show shine. The band took Bowie’s iconic ‘The Man Who Sold the World’ to a completely different level.

Like Nirvana’s killer takes on some classics, 1500 is also a lovely rendition of the West Coast pale ale. “Hundo” is bursting with citrus aromas, some honeysuckle subtitles, and a delicate body. This beer hits all the right notes.



PERFORMANCE:Rage Against the Machine, Live at Cochella (1999)
BEER: Denogginizer Double IPA
RECOMMENDED BY: Adam Kirkorian, Can Czar

What better way to let those loose than drinking a Double IPA and watching Rage Against the Machine headline the first-ever Cochella? This massively hopped beer goes down easy, guaranteed to carry you through the whole set. Let your pent-up quarantine emotions out responsibly by pairing this head-rolling beer with the sites and sounds of one of the most influential bands in music history.



PERFORMANCE: Lizzo, NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert (2019)
BEER: Hopocalypse Hazy Double IPA
RECOMMENDED BY: Carrie Beurskens, Marketing Project Manager

Supposedly, this was one of the highest attended Tiny Desk Concerts ever and for good reason! Lizzo is not only an amazingly talented artist, she works the crowd like no other. Watching it from home connects you with her energy and I can only imagine how intoxicating she must be in person. Watch this performance with Hopocalypse Hazy Double IPA because you need a thick bitch with that tempo!


BONUS: Take Away Shows started in France in 2006. These live performances primarily take place in public spaces and there’s something so captivatingly raw about them. There are so many videos and whether you’re a fan of the band performing or not, an entire afternoon can quickly get sucked up without you realizing it. Aloe Blacc’s performance was one of the first Take Away Shows I was introduced to. His song “I Need A Dollar” is performanced without instruments, a powerful piece that still strikes a chord today. Drink in his honest creative energy with just about any Advanced Oak barrel-aged beer.



PERFORMANCE: Chris Thile, Live from Home, Performing This Is The Song (Good Luck) – (2020)
BEER: Brightside Extra Brut IPA
RECOMMENDED BY: Brian Stechschulte, Director of Marketing

Musical creativity and collaboration has been a silver lining during our shelter in place existence. Without a live audience, musicians are coming together online for intimate performances. A wonderful example is a series of videos launched by Live from Here host and musician Chris Thile. His show quickly became Live from Home, where he would perform a song and then tag three other musicians to record themselves. This is The Song (Good Luck) is my favorite in the series, and ultimately became my pandemic theme song. It’s performed by Chris Thile (mandolin and vocals), Madison Cunningham (vocals), Mike Elizondo (bass), Chris Eldridge (guitar and vocals), Jeremy Kittel (violin and vocals), and Brett Williams (keys). Sipping on some Brightside might help you find a few silver linings during these cloudy times.