Happy National One-Hit Wonder Day!

By Chelsea Holifield, Content Marketing Strategist
September 25, 2018

There really is a day for everything...

... including one-hit wonders, those delicious earworms that infiltrate popular culture, bringing momentary, unmatchable fame. These monstrously successful songs are often the only piece of work an artist is ever known for, their one chance at mainstream popularity which they can never live up to again. Definitely music to drink beer to!

In celebration of those Top 40 hits of the past, we've compiled a Spotify Playlist featuring some of our favorite one-hit wonders, ranging from the 60s to the 00s. We're sure these aren't unfamiliar. Maybe you know all the words and can sing along! But do you actually know the artist singing? 🤔 ...Yeah, we didn't either.

Enjoy a pint while getting these 20 songs stuck in your friends' heads for the rest of eternity. You're welcome 😏

Yes, there are hundreds (maybe even thousands) of one-hit wonders that we didn't include in this playlist. Think we truly missed out on some? Or have we misspoken and offended your love of Haddaway? Tweet us @drakesbeer to share your feelings. We'll respond if we feel like it, promise.