One month away from Reunion Barleywine

Those of you paying attention know that our Black Robusto Porter took home silver at the Great American Beer Festival.  But that wasn’t the only news we made in Denver.  Tucked among the entries to the Denver Rare Beer Tasting was our own Reunion Barleywine.  Not only was it a rare beer- it was the first time anyone outside the brewhouse had tasted it, and we’re happy to report it was a hit.


What the deal with Reunion?  Well, two and a half years ago, we managed to get the band back together for a brew session with six former Drake’s brewers, who came back to make a collaboration barleywine. We took that one-of-a-kind barleywine, lovingly transferred it into some equally rare Samuel Adams Utopias® barrels, and let it do its thing. After keeping close tabs on it for two years, it is just about ready for release.

This smooth, complex brew features flavors of toffee, slight roast, fig, oak, and the distinctive flavor of sherry and Buffalo Trace Bourbon from the Utopias® barrels. Each sip reveals a new facet worthy of exploring, and you can have the added joy of delving into the beer with the same scrunched-face concentration that Jim Koch himself displayed in Denver.

Now don’t worry, Californians… we wouldn’t leave our oldest supporters and neighbors in the cold with a brew like this. What didn’t go to Denver will be released in bottles one month from today- Saturday, December 7th exclusively at Drake’s Barrel House.  We’re expecting it to go fast, so plan accordingly- when it’s gone, it’s gone for good.


  1. Adrian Behrendt, Music Teacher says:

    Hi Drake’s,

    Listen, I have a big favor to ask you. I really want to purchase two bottles of your Reunion Barleywine today, but am unable to be there at opening because I have a Winter Concert to direct with the San Francisco Boys Chorus at Mission Dolores this afternoon. Would it be possible to come to your brwery afterwards (at around 5pm and pick up? Maybe place a hold for me?

    Thank you. -Adrian