Our Duo Aroma Coma Bottle Releases brought the Hops to the Masses

This Friday, after much anticipation, we finally managed to bottle the hop-madness that is the Aroma Coma IPA. Now, you can fill your homes with the smell of hops, but by the looks of things at City Beer Store and Beer Revolution, you better grab your supply soon. Fans of the hops have been stocking up, and we’re guessing supplies won’t last long.

Here are some pictures from the night. It was a good feeling watching our little hoppy child find its way to many good homes that night. Cheers!

At City Beer Store these two guys were some of the first to get their hands on some bottles.

Supplies are limited so best be quick to take some home for yourself.

In his deep resonating voice, Sales Manager Dow announces the arrival of the Aroma Coma at Beer Revolution.

Old friends gathered at Beer Revolution to try the Aroma Coma for themselves.

Long time Drake’s brewer Mike Manty came in to bask in the aroma.

Look who came by for a pint, why it’s John Martin… I think I heard there’s something to do with him going on on Wednesday here too…