Pilsner gone to the Dark Side

As some of you may know we reuse yeast when making beers, and every time the yeast gets reused it gets assigned a number. For example an Ale yeast that has been used 3 times, shows up on the brewers’ board as A3. So when our Lager yeast came to its 7th use, it only made sense that we’d had to make a beer inspired by L7 the band.

One of our brewers Emmy got tasked with making this beer, mostly because she hadn’t heard of the band. After she did a lot of research on the band and a little research on lager recipes she came up with “Pretend We’re Dead” a Black Lager. This beer uses Midnight malt, which has been roasted without the husk to keep the lager from becoming bitter or chocolatey, but giving it the dark color Emmy wants. Pretend We’re Dead is Tapping today.

IMG_1486 IMG_1505 IMG_1517