Sacramento Beer Week 2014


SAC-Ness-9-GO-optHot off the heels of San Francisco Beer Week, it’s time to point our taps northeast, toward the capitol of our home state of California.  Sacramento Beer Week begins on February 28th, and with our man Eben amassing a small army to help us out, we’ll have a bigger & better presence than ever before.

Not only that, we’ve even got a special Sac Beer Week collaboration beer to feature all week… the SAC-Ness Monster.  First off, a few weeks ago, we invited a who’s-who of the Sacramento beer scene to do a special Sac Beer Week brew at Drake’s.  The result is our take on a Scotch Wee Heavy Ale – an 8.5% Leviathan of a beer, with a burly malt backbone anchored with Scottish Golden Promise malt, flavored with lightly roasted Amber and Melanoidin malt, and accented with Cherrywood Smoked malt.  One long, slow fermentation later and all those malts married to a complex mass of flavor with notes of cherry, toffee, and cocoa that will have you saying “Beam me up!”.  (Get it?  Scotch ale?  Scotty?)

But back to the Beer Week! Here’s our full lineup:

Friday, February 28th
Sac Beer Week Kickoff, Dad’s Kitchen Freeport, 6pm-9pm
Big Drake’s beers unite, for a seven-tap takeover featuring some of our biggest beers.  Yes, including that one.  Expect Kelsey & Spady to be on hand the let you know what’s up.

SAC-Ness Monster Collaboration release, Kupros Craft House, 7pm-10pm
At the end of January, some of Sacramento’s best barkeeps & distributors came down to Drake’s for a Sac Beer Week collab brew, and this is your chance to try this big & boozy Scotch ale, as well as a bunch of other of our brews.  Eben, Ian, and Jacquie will be there with the lowdown.

Preservation Co’s Drake’s Beer Pickles, Hook & Ladder, 9p-midnight
You know what goes well with hand-crafted beer? Hand-crafted pickled veggies from Preservation & Co made with our beer.  Pearl onions and sweet & dill pickles are a few of the pairings we’ll have there, with Black Robusto & Amber.  Eben, Jacquie, Kelsey, and Spady will be here to help you get pickled.


Saturday, March 1st
Lupu Loco, Boneshakers, 11:30a-1:30p
“Lupu Loco”- “Hop Crazy.”  With a title like that, you know we had to be there.  And be there we will, along with Hopocalypse and Kelsey, Ian, and Spady.

Sour Fest, Samuel Horne’s, 2:30p-4p
We’ll be puckering up to the bar with our Puckersmith.  Kelsey, Ian, and Spady will be there to talk about the beer and our sour program in general (Spady’s our in-house yeast wrangler, too.)

Chocolates & Stouts, Capitol Garage, 4p-5p
Speaking of pairings, there’s a reason stouts are made with something called “chocolate malt.” Toss one of those… say our Drakonic Imperial Stout… in a brandy barrel for a while, and you’re gonna get one of the best chocolate & beer pairings around. But you don’t have to take our word for it; come find out yourself while Eben’s around to let you know the deal.

SAC-Ness Monster Night, Alley Katz, 6p-8p
SAC-Ness Monster, our Sacramento collab Scotch ale, heads to Alley Katz tonight, along with Hopocalypse & a few other classic Drake’s offerings, as well as Eben & Jacquie.


Sunday, March 2nd
Collaborative Beer Dinner, The Porch
Eben’s bringing our Blonde Ale to this dinner.

Big Woody Fest, Boneshakers, 5p-7p
Wood is more known to be a friend to wine & spirits, but it (in our humble opinion) goes even better with beer.  Come see for yourself as Scott will be on hand with a barrel-aged offering or two from Drake’s.


dbl-hop-goMonday, March 3rd
Dad’s Pig Roast, Dad’s Kitchen Freeport, 5p-9p
A Sac Beer Week favorite in the making, this brings together two of life’s culinary joys… beer and pork. Eben, Dow, and Jena will be there to tell you why.


Tuesday, March 4th
Got Wood?, Dad’s Kitchen Sunset, 5p-9p
Eben’s in the house with our 2012 bourbon barrel-aged Jolly Rodger barleywine.


Wednesday, March 5th
Rare Beer Day, Boneshakers, 5p-7p
There’s a reasoned the beer we’re sending is called “Fathermaker,” and Scott will be on hand to tell you all about it.

Chili Cook-Off, Morgan’s Bar & Grill, 6p-9p
Chili & beer? Yeah, okay, that’ll work. Especially with the lineup of Drake’s brews we’re gonna have there. Eben & Jacquie will be there with the info on what we got. And to eat chili.


Thursday, March 6th
Bay Area Pint Night, Dad’s Kitchen Freeport, 5p-9p
From the Bay to the Capital, we’re be comfortable alongside our Bay Area neighbors at this Bay Area event, with Eben there to edumacate.


Friday, March 7th
Drake’s is for the Birds, Magpie Café, 4p-6p
Fun fact: a drake is a male duck. With that in mind, join Kesley, Eben, and Jacquie at this loosely poultry-themed (if only in name) night at Magpie for a 5-beer flight lineup of Drake’s year-round offerings, as well as seasonals.

Hops to Table 1st Anniversary, Capitol Beer & Taproom, 6p-9p
Eben & Jacquie will be on hand to celebrate Hops To Table’s first anniversary, with the SAC-Ness Monster as well as a few other likely surprises.



Saturday, March 8th
Thank God It’s Brunch, Hook & Ladder, 11a-2p
Three-course beer-paired brunch, featuring a handful of beers you’re gonna need to recharge yourself for the second weekend. Eben & Jacquie’ll be on hand to answer your questions, between bites of starchy breakfast goodness.

Extreme Drake’s, Extreme Pizza, 5p-8p
We’ve confirmed that that event will be staffed by our reps Jacquie & Eben, and not by the guys in the 4×4 from Harold & Kumar. Thankfully. What will be there, however, is a host of great Drake’s beers, including a trio that might just trigger the hopocalypse.

IPA Night, Capital Beer & Taproom, 5p-midnight
Get your bitter on at this hoppy beer night, with Eben & Jacquie.

East Bay Tap Takeover, Final Gravity, 3p-5p
It’s a battle of the East Bay in the far-north-east Bay. We’re squaring off against relative newcomers Altamont, and our old buddies at Faction. May the most lupulus win.  Eben’ll be there to explain and/or bribe the judges on the merits of Spicy Chocolate Alliance, Puckersmith, Hopocalypse, and more.

Sour Power, Boneshakers, 5p-7p
Pucker up with Puckersmith at this all-sour event.  (Though don’t pucker up with our rep Scott… he’s married.)

Sacramento1-bigSunday, March 9th
Capitol Beer Fest, Capitol Mall, 1p-5p
The unofficial closing ceremony of Sac Beer Week, Cap Brew Fest brings together the established breweries as well as the newcomers for an afternoon to celebrate Sac Beer Week, and the booming Sac beer scene in general. Eben & Jacquie will be heading the Drake’s crew up, as Northern California bids farewell the the 2014 Beer Week season.

Barleywine Fest, Boneshakers, 5p-7p
Sour, hoppy, and barrel-aged barleywines all in the same day?  Not a problem for us.  Come say hi to Scott at this celebration of all things big & burley.

We’ll also have some simple tastings going on all week:
Friday 2/28, 5p-7p @ Nugget Market Covell Davis
Saturday 3/1, 4p-7p @ BevMo Elk Grove
Sunday 3/2, 4p-6p @ Whole Foods Davis
Friday 3/7, 5p-7p @ Nugget Market Woodland