Switching Places: Drake’s/Triple Rock Craft Beer Cross Training

Somethings different in the brewery these days… Perhaps it’s because where Alex normally stands on the brew deck there is a tall, long haired tattooed fellow manning the mashtun, though he does seem vaguely familiar. It’s George Kumparak from Triple Rock, down here to get a lil training on the bigger system here at Drake’s for a few weeks.

So, where’s Alex?

At Triple Rock of course- hanging with Rodger and brewing some Triple Rock favorites including Tree Frog and Reindeer Ale behind the glass wall at the Berkeley brew pub.

Why the switching you ask?

Why not?

Just thought it may be high time for brewers on both sides of our brewing family to learn the ins and outs of both systems, and needless to say they seem to be enjoying the change of pace.

“I’ve brewed here once before, just after I moved down here from Chico but I’d never worked on a system like this before;” said Alex, “It’s good to be back when I know what I’m doing.”

George, generally the quiet type, didn’t have much to add, but he said he’s enjoying the warehouse atmosphere compared to the fishbowl brewing experience in Berkeley.

Still, in a couple weeks our lady of the brewhouse will be back here in San Leandro and George will get back to business at Triple Rock, each with a little more brewing knowledge in tow.