Triple Hopped Aroma Swap

You know Aroma Coma, our American-hopped summer IPA.  You probably also know its twin Aroma Prieta, hopped with hops from New Zealand.  You also know that they were released on Saturday at the Barrel House. There were bottles. There were kegs. The taps were of course flowing all day.  But the sleeper stars were the casks.  Knowing that some of you require regular hop transfusions above & beyond what a mere bottle can handle, we took both of our double-dry hopped seasonal IPAs, put each in a firkin, and then added a third dose of hops directly into the casks for further conditioning.  The twist?  We took  the NZ hops from Aroma Prieta & stuffed them into the Aroma Coma cask, and put Aroma Coma’s American hops into the Aroma Prieta cask.

But alas, you weren’t there on Saturday. You couldn’t make it. You hadn’t heard about it in time. You thought BART was still on strike. There was a giant flood. Locusts. Whatever happened, it means you’re just plain screwed when it comes to getting your paws onto that phenomenal pair of pheromonal firkins, right? WRONG.

(Also, don’t be so negative. It’s unhealthy, and beer is fun.)

Yes, though the memories of the release party are already dulling from the constant churning of time (though they live on on Flickr), we are not done (you didn’t seriously think we were, did you?). Not only are the Aromas are still roarin’, but they’re about to start roamin’ to a city near you, as the Drake’s crew is putting on their boots made for walkin’, and we’re taking these casks with us.?

Those of you in the first few rows will get wet.

Here’s where we’ll be:

Thursday, July 18th
Public House, San Francisco, 4pm • Mohawk Bend, Los Angeles, 5pm
We’re splitting up the state and hitting up both ends of US-101 tonight.  Dow, John, Jeff, Head Brewer John Gillooly, and Senior Brewer Chris Dunstan will be on hand at 24 Willie Mays Plaza, while Kelsey, Chris, and brewer Travis will be in the Southland… both brewers will be ready & willing to tell you all about the lupulinical sorcery that goes into making big, hoppy beer like the Aroma twins.

Wednesday, July 31st
Silicon Valley Beer Week • Harry’s Hofbrau, San Jose, 6pm
We haven’t forgotten the most populous city on the Bay Area. Not only will Laura, Kelsey, and John Gillooly be on hand with the Coma & Prieta casks, but they’ll be bringing Drake’s’ entire year-round lineup of hoppy beers: 1500, IPA, & Denogginizer.

Thursday, August 22nd
Davis Beer Week • Davis Beer Shoppe, 5pm
We’re not going to let a brand new Beer Week escape our attention. Join Eben, Doug, and Brewer Mike Spady as we leave our mark on Davis Beer Week with our unique take on humulus lupulus.

Come on out, meet the Drake’s crew, and try the casks at these exclusive events.