West Coast Barrel Aged Festival Contenders 2012

Our lead brewer Alex kinda smells like wood, wine, booze, and beer. No, we’re not commenting on Ms. Nowell’s hygenic routines. Rather, for the past few weeks, Alex has regularly been found in the barrels- pulling tastes, climbing barrels, taking notes, creating blends. After all her efforts, we now have a list of beers currently at their prime state to enter into the 7th Annual West Coast Barrel Aged Beer Festival being held in Hayward tomorrow. Fans of the barrel take note, get yourself to the fest tomorrow (before or after stopping by our Jolly Rodger Release here at the Barrel House) and put these on your must try list. Hope to see you there.

Beer name- Pinot She Didn’t
Beer/Barrel Type- Drakonic Imperial Stout, Pinot Barrel
Aged- 2 years
Abv- 9%
Characteristics_ Light sour barrel aged Imperial Stout with Blackberry, Chocolate mouthfeel

Beer name- Merlot To-Go
Beer/Barrel Type- Drakonic Imperial Stout, Merlot Barrel
Aged- 2 years
Abv- 9%
Characteristics_ Delightfully tart aroma with moderate cherry fruity mouthfeel

Beer name- Dire Straits
Beer/Barrel Type- Barrel-aged Barleywine Ale, Bourbon
Aged- 1 year
Abv- 11.25%
Characteristics_ Big fat alcoholic cinnamon raisin cookie with slight wood, bourbon, boozy mouthfeel

Beer name- Apes of Wrath
Beer/Barrel Type- 33% American Strong Ale, 33% Scotch Ale, 33% Barleywine Ale, Bourbon
Aged- 2 years
Abv- 9.25%
Characteristics_ Delightfully rich blend of bourbon barrel-aged ales, fruity esters, caramel, boozy,
woody finish